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Cancer Prevention Epidemiologist
Company: Sorrell Search   Category: Research
Date Posted: 07-08-05   Location: Ohio - Dayton
Job Status:Full Time Education:Doctorate
Relocation:Paid in Full   
This is an independent Cancer Prevention and Control/Epidemiology position, The incumbent is responsible for designing, conducting, participating and collaborating in Cancer Prevention and Control research studies. Characteristically research studies at this scope result in a series of publishable contributions to the scientific knowledge.

The research studies are designed to (1) answer important and critical questions in the cancer prevention and control field; (2) open significant new avenues for further study; (3) represent important contributions to the validation and/or modification of scientific theory or methodology; and (4) result in important progress in improvement of existing products, techniques and practices.

The work specifically involves the interpretation and analysis of cancer prevention and epidemiologic research projects and the statistically sound application of biostatistical approaches in the investigation of the causes of cancer.

The incumbent is expected to successfully compete for funding from national research organizations. In addition he/she needs to maintain an appropriate level of funding.

The position reports, via the Vice-President of Research to the President and CEO. The incumbent is responsible for supervising the research staff on his/her research projects.

The Major Duties and Responsibilities:

• Identify and define problems, solutions to which can be approached through scientific research process.
• Identify and clarify barriers to understanding, which impede on solutions to research problems as well as specific items of knowledge, which are required.
• Develop hypotheses to be tested and ways of doing so.
• Develop devices of various types for empirical studies, including hardware, software, statistical methods and the like.
• Perform experiments and collect data.
• Evaluate data to establish relevance to the problems being evaluated.
• Prepares research results for publication in reports, papers, journals, books and other media.
• Prepares seminars, talks, lectures and the like for dissemination of knowledge, particularly the results of research undertaken.
• Develop new proposals for research and obtains support for new and/or continuing research activities.
• Interacts with other scientists and engineers. Maintains liaison with sponsoring agencies and organizations as well as with other research and educational institutions.
• Manage the conduct of all or part of a research project in icluding staff, monitoring project funds, coordination of data generation, analysis, and identification, and acquisition and use of equipment and facilities.
• Participates in determining research priorities and planning programs of research.
• Conducts continuing education training for research personnel at all levels, and assists in counseling and advising graduate students in the conduct of research.

Job Qualifications
•A minimum requirement of a M.D. with additional postgraduate study in cancer prevention and control research (for example a M.P.H.); or a Ph.D. in Epidemiology or related field.
*Demonstrated ability as a competent and productive researcher.
• Proven track record of publication s in PEER-reviewed journals.
•In most cases the incumbent has written and/or participated in the writing of research grant proposals, and is the principle investigator or co-investigator on a research grant or contract.
Contact Information
Company: Sorrell Search
Address: Po Box 871
Dayton, Ohio 45401
Phone: 937-424-5858
Fax: 937-424-5859
Website: www.sorrellsearch.com
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