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Vice President of Research
Company: Sorrell Search   Category: Research
Date Posted: 07-08-05   Location: Ohio - Dayton
Job Status:Full Time Education:Doctorate
Relocation:Paid in Full   
Job Summary: The VP of Research is responsible for the development and further growth of the Cancer Prevention and Control research program. This includes mentoring junior scientists as well as maintaining his/her own (outside) funded research program. The VP of Research will be part of the senior staff.

Job Qualifications/Requirements:
• Postgraduate degree in Epidemiology or related field, or MD with additional epidemiological training.
• Proven track record of obtaining external funding for his/her research
• Proven track record of PEER-reviewed publications
• At least 10 years experience in Cancer Prevention and Control Research
• Experience in management/administration is preferred
• Demonstrated skills in the following areas:
o Excellent Interpersonal skills
o Team Leader
o Excellent communication skills
o Able to work collaboratively with all other staff members, health care professionals, and community institutions.
• Must be able to effectively communicate with the public the goals, mission, and the research programs.

The Major Duties and Responsibilities:
A. Research
o Develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the cancer prevention and control research program.
o Mentor junior scientist/epidemiologists in developing their research efforts in the framework of the overall goals of the organization
o Responsible for obtaining an overall level of PEER reviewed research funding,
o Maintain an active (funded) personal research program.

B Administrative / Management
o Supervise on day-to-day basis the scientific staff.
o Responsible for budget management of Research function.
o Participate in overall (strategic) management as a member of the senior (executive) staff.
o Implement strategic research plan for the organization

Internal : Daily contact with research staff, other`employees and volunteers
External: Ongoing interaction with community-at-large, media, and health care professionals, etc.

The following describes the general nature and level of the position. Candidates for this position will possess:

o Postgraduate degree (PhD) in Epidemiology or related field; or MD with additional training (MPH) in epidemiology.

o Senior investigator (comparable to full tenured professor in academia) with proven track record in obtaining external PEER reviewed funding for his/her research program.
o Skilled in managing a research division, both from a human resources perspective as well as from a “content” perspective.
o Ability to conceptualize, design, and implement a cancer prevention and control research program.
o Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
o Ability to recruit, select, motivate, and manage a team of professionals.
o Strong written and verbal skills

o Ten years of a successful research career, as evidenced by PEER-reviewed publications and externally funded research projects.
o Experience at a management level is definitely an asset.
o Experience in budget preparation and fiscal management.
Contact Information
Company: Sorrell Search
Address: Po Box 871
Dayton, Ohio 45401
Phone: 937-424-5858
Fax: 937-424-5859
Website: www.sorrellsearch.com
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