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Nurse Manager
Company: Community Programs, Inc.   Category: LPN/LVN
Date Posted: 01-04-06   Location: Michigan - Detroit
Salary:45,000 - 55,000 Shift:first
1. Oversee Day to Day operation of the Detoxification and Medical Services Units.
2. Staffing and Scheduling of Detoxification and Medical Service Units
3. Provides clinical supervision to Nursing Personnel and ancillary staff.
4. Utilization Review and other Quality Assurance reports, as needed and required.
5. Routinely audits charts.
6. Inventory of medication and medical supplies.
7. Medication and medical supplies ordering.
8. Monitoring medication controls.
9. Working supervisor - responsible for client/patient care duties as described in nurse job description.
10. Coordination of weekly medication reviews.
11. Coordination of liaison activities with nursing units and Staff Physician.
12. Other duties as assigned
Contact Information
Company: Community Programs, Inc.
Address: 1255 N. Oakland Blvd.
Waterford, Michigan 48327
Phone: 248-406-0090
Fax: 248-406-0129
Website: www.communityprograms.org
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