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Company: Community Programs, Inc.   Category: LPN/LVN
Date Posted: 01-04-06   Location: Alabama - Anniston
Salary:20-25 Shift:all
Full-time, Part-time or On-call
1. Completes accurate and comprehensive intakes on clients and ensures the completion and proper distribution of all designated forms during detoxification intake and ensures appropriate distribution.
2. Assists Staff Physician with health screens/assessments and physical exams for clients.
3. Draws blood and administers PBT as needed.
4. Administers medication via all routes and is responsible for all medication documentation.
5. Secures medication necessary to treat client.
6. Documentation, daily charting.
7. Participates in individual care plan meetings (multidisciplinary meetings).
8. Maintains and updates daily census.
9. Review lab and report findings (abnormal) to Staff Physician.
10. Residential medication pass.
11. Audits Charts.
12. Prepares charts and list for sick call.
13. Prepares charts and list for psychiatric call.
14. Notes all orders by physician
15. Responsible for the observation and protection of the facilities in the respective unit.
16. Coordinates with Milieu Techs as necessary pursuant to client behavioral interventions.
17. Assists with intake assessments for admissions as necessary.
18. Other duties as assigned.
Additional Duties as Specific to Dual Diagnosis (DD) and Detoxification Nursing Unit:
1. Completes accurate and comprehensive Treatment Plans for all detoxification clients specific to that client.
2. Completes discharge paperwork and coordination of care plans involving client.
3. Takes vital signs and assesses for signs/symptoms of detoxification throughout shift and responds accordingly.
4. Revises Treatment Plan as needed.
5. Monitors client daily activity in the detox unit.
6. Participation in the coordination of DD referrals upon receipt.
Contact Information
Company: Community Programs, Inc.
Address: 1255 N. Oakland Blvd.
Waterford, Michigan 48327
Phone: 248-406-0090
Fax: 248-406-0129
Website: www.communityprograms.org
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