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Trauma Surgeon - #1100
Company: Horton Smith & Associates   Category: Anesthesiology
Date Posted: 06-22-07   Location: Alabama - Anniston
Job Status:Full Time Education:High School Diploma
“Lifestyle Meets Clinical Excellence!”

Trauma Surgeon - Join Central Iowa’s premier multi-specialty group, and become part of the exclusive trauma service at a 578-bed, level I trauma center in the heart of Des Moines. The group strongly prefers fellowship-trained candidates, but will consider surgeons with trauma experience. This is the only service in the state that has dedicated trauma surgeons rather than general surgeon coverage, with the exception of the University of Iowa’s faculty program.

Formed in the early 1990’s by well-established private practice specialists and internists, the clinic is physician-owned/governed and professionally managed. Each department values the efficiency afforded in this model, which allows them to maintain autonomy in each specialty for daily operations and compensation.

  • Approximately one call week per month (seven 24-hour shifts), 14 weeks per year. Flexible
    schedule for the remaining 38 weeks, including “time off,” as desired.

  • An average of 1,500 cases annually. Of those, the trauma service sees 1,000. Between 250
    and 300 have injury severity scores of 15 or higher. The majority of cases are non-operative. Acute surgery is performed on 8% of admissions.

  • Trauma mix: 92% blunt, 6% penetrating, and 2% burns. Burns are referred to the University
    of Iowa.

  • Surgeons can spend non-trauma time doing elective and general surgery.

  • The group is in the process of integrating general and trauma surgery call into an acute care surgery model. While on trauma call, surgeons also cover ICU/CCU. ICU has 20 beds, and CCU has 24 beds.

  • Methodist Medical Center has a general surgery residency program. Trauma surgeons work with all levels of residents. One resident is assigned to the trauma service to assist in day-to-day responsibilities.

  • Clinical research is available, while basic research is more difficult. Trauma surgeons are
    able to participate in some shock research.

  • Surgeons do a great deal of education/outreach with residents, nurses, allied professionals, and emergency medical services staff.

  • Des Moines, Iowa’s state capital, is the hub of government and business activity, arts and culture. It offers some of the nation's finest schools, established public services, and friendly, caring neighbors.

    Affordable housing, short commute times, and an increasingly diverse population establishes this Midwest city as one of the finest. It is rich in the arts, including theater, ballet, symphony, and opera. It also brims with lighter entertainment, from comedy clubs to live music performances.


    Des Moines is considered one of two major insurance centers in the nation. It is headquarters to The Principal Financial Group, EMC Insurance Companies, Allied Insurance (now part of Nationwide), Aviva Group, and American Republic Insurance Company. Its strong financial/insurance base has encouraged a local presence for large corporations such as Wells Fargo, ING Group, and Electronic Data Systems. In 2006, Forbes magazine ranked Des Moines #11 on its list of "Best Places For Business and Careers." This ranking was based on a variety of factors, such as business costs, cost of living, educational opportunity, and low crime. Iowa has some of the lowest health insurance rates in the nation. It is ranked #2 nationally for individual healthcare coverage.


    Iowa public schools consistently rank among the best in the nation. In the most recent Morgan Quitno survey, Iowa ranked as the 11th smartest state in the country. It had the 7th highest high school graduation rate, and it consistently ranked 8th or above among reporting grade levels in mathematics and reading. Iowa students are frequently named #1 in the nation on ACT and SAT college-entrance exams. Greater Des Moines and Central Iowa also have a fine selection of private liberal arts colleges and universities.

    Job I.D. #1100


    Michelle “Mickey” Conner, Vice President

    Horton Smith & Associates, LLC

    9777 Ridge Drive #360

    Lenexa, KS 66219

    Phone: 866.464.3428

    Fax: 715.358.8969A

    Email: mconner@hortonsmithassociates.com

    Contact Information
    Company: Horton Smith & Associates
    Address: 9777 Ridge Drive Suite 360
    Lenexa, Kansas 66219
    Phone: 800.398.2923
    Fax: 888.238.4715
    Website: http://www.hortonsmithassociates.com
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