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Registered Nurses Needed (ICU, OR and more)
Company: TalentWise International   Category: Registered Nurse
Date Posted: 07-26-10   Location: Idaho - Boise
Job Status:Full Time Education:Bachelor's Degree
Relocation:Paid in Full Salary:Negotiable
The Registered Nurse (RN) is responsible for identifying patient needs and priorities for care through assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation. RNs coordinate care between other professional disciplines as needed. Through documentation and oral communication, essential information is shared with health care team members and other customers common to the unit/area(s) of assignment. Unit/area-based activities, which contribute to a positive work and professional environment, are performed (see Job Description-Unit/Area Addendum, which addresses underlined statements).

A. Clinical Practice
1. Initiate assessment based on the patient's problems or needs, the physician's medical diagnosis, and the functional health framework:
• collect key information from patient, family, laboratory, and other medical reports;
• determine priorities for care with special consideration given to patient teaching, discharge planning, and the growth and development needs of the patient;
• determine which standards of care and practice apply to the patient and document assessment.
2. Complete ongoing assessments according to policy and as determined by patient condition or change of conditions involving family or other significant individuals, as needed.
3. Perform therapeutic nursing interventions:
• as ordered by the Physician and/or other care providers;
• consistent with primary and population-specific standards of care and practice;
• with consideration given to knowledge gained from the initial and ongoing assessment of the patient;
• consistent with physician-approved protocols, policies and procedures, demonstrated competencies, and with consideration given to risk management and infection control practices; and, consistent with the requirements of the unit/area(s) of assignment.
4. Determine the impact of nursing interventions on the patient's condition and recognizes the patient's progress towards meeting desired outcomes.
5. Document care based on standards of care and practice, patient acuity, and/or clinical priorities for documentation including:
• assessment and ongoing assessment findings;
• updated clinical priorities for documentation;
• therapeutic nursing interventions with special attention to patient education and discharge planning interventions; and,
• patient's response to interventions and progress towards outcomes are noted.
6. Manage the care of patients with conditions common to the unit/area(s) of assignment.
7. Serve as a role model and mentor other staff and students in the health professions.

B. Professional Communication
1. Maintain confidentiality in matters relating to patient/family.
2. Interact with patients/families with a variety of developmental and sociocultural backgrounds.
3. Provide information to patients and families to reduce anxiety and convey an attitude of acceptance, sensitivity, and caring.
4. Maintain professional relationships and convey relevant information to other members of the health care team within facility and any applicable referral agencies.
5. Initiate communication with peers about clinical priorities for care.
6. (In shared or delegated assignments), make clinical rounds at the onset of the assignment and communicate to team members throughout the tour of duty.
7. Relay information appropriately over telephone, pagers, and other communication devices.

C. Teamwork
1. Accept a patient care assignment based on patient census, acuity, needs, and the qualifications and competencies of self and of other staff members.
2. Work closely with other care providers to complete the initial and ongoing assessments of patients and to provide clinical assistance as needed.
3. Delegate work to other staff members as needed.
4. Report on patient conditions to those who require information, including physicians, clinical directors/managers/administrative supervisors, and other staff.
5. Initiate problem-solving and conflict resolution skills to foster effective work relationships with peers.

D. Professional Development
1. Attend staff meetings, in-services, and continuing education as required for the position and the specific unit/area(s) of assignment.
2. Contribute to the annual review of unit/area-based scope of care statement and determination of important aspects of care for clinical review.
3. Contribute to annual reviews of peer performance as requested by the unit/area supervisor, manager, or director.
4. Assist in the development of indicators, thresholds, study methods, and data collection as assigned.
5. Respond to problems/opportunities to improve care.
6. Support involvement in the hospital's Performance Improvement initiative.
7. Participate in and maintain competencies required for the position and specific unit/area(s) of assignment.

A. Licensed to practice nursing in Idaho.
B. Ability and willingness to demonstrate and maintain clinical competency as required for the unit/area(s) of assignment.
C. Excellent communication skills to include oral comprehension/expression and written comprehension/expression.
D. Ability and willingness to work with patients’ growth and development needs particularly related to the age of patients in the unit/area(s) of assignment.
E. Ability to manage a chaotic work environment related to changing patient needs, including work with patients with acute, chronic, and complex disease processes, and those who are dying.
F. Ability and willingness to exhibit behaviors consistent with standards for performance improvement and organizational values (e.g., efficiency & financial responsibility, safety, partnership & service, teamwork, compassion, integrity, and trust & respect).
G. Ability and willingness to exhibit behaviors consistent with principles for service excellence.
H. Knowledge about professional scope of practice.
I. Ability and willingness to work within professional scope of practice.
Contact Information
Company: TalentWise International
Address: 4849 West Illinois Ave. Bldg B
Dallas, Texas 75211
Phone: 8884726501
Website: www.talentwise-international.org www.talentwisehealth.com
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