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Telemetry RN Travel Nurse
Company: www.RNTravelweb.com   Category: Registered Nurse
Date Posted: 03-19-16   Location: Arizona - Flagstaff
Job Status:Full Time   
Travel opportunity for an experienced Telemetry RN

Progressive care/telemetry travel nurses work in hospital units that go by various names, such as telemetry units, intermediate care units, direct observation units, step-down units, or transitional care units. These units provide critical care to patients who require constant monitoring for a range of reasons, including recent surgery, heart attacks, congestive heart failure, renal failure, COPD, and advanced cancer.
Monitored patients may be those who are progressing from a more critical state to a less critical one, as is the case with post-operative patients, or from a less critical state to a more critical one, as would be the case with patients being prepared for surgery or those with a progressive life-threatening condition. Progressive care/telemetry units have become more common as hospitals experience a shortage of ICU beds, creating more demand for progressive care and telemetry travel nurses.

Minimum Requirements:

* 1 year of recent full time Tele experience.
* Current state registered nurse license.
* Current CPR and certifications.

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Contact Information
Company: www.RNTravelweb.com
Address: Tampa, Florida
Website: www.RNTravelWeb.com
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